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Empire of the Deathless Sun

At the heart of Mundus, The Empire of the Deathless Sun has endured centuries of war and strife. Though the Empire’s land has diminished through the centuries, the people’s pride has not. They believe that, though other kingdoms may seize power and land, they will never successfully imitate the history, status, and grandeur exemplified by the Empire of the Deathless Sun. The people of the EDS, Imperials, are known for their love of history, fashion, and community, and for their particular reverence for the ancestors.



The Elves, as the first people in the expansive history of Mundus, hold a distinct and revered position within the Empire of the Deathless Sun. Their physical features, characterized by short pointed ears, set them apart from other inhabitants of Mundus. This unique trait is not merely a cosmetic distinction; it signifies a deep connection to their ancestral roots. Elves are known for their passionate nature, forming tight-knit bonds with those they consider kin. This sentiment extends to their worship of ancestors, making them the custodians of ancient practices which bridge the gap between the living and the departed.


In their role as keepers of the peace, Elves have long employed a remarkable approach to diffuse tensions – they often make light of serious situations, even at the risk of their own well-being. This unique method reflects their commitment to harmony and tranquility. The elegance that permeates Elvish society is evident in various aspects of their lives, from the meticulous art of needlework learned by Elvish youth to their appreciation for the finer aspects of existence. With a history as the oldest and, at one point, the largest kingdom, the Elves developed diplomatic abilities and leadership skills essential for governing a diverse population.


Within Elvish society, the Emperor is venerated as a figure who attained enlightenment and subsequently became an ancestor. His spiritual presence, felt long after his mortal  existence, acts as a guiding force for the Elves. Some believe that as descendants rejoin the collective in death, they become one with the Emperor. Elves see themselves as the closest people to their ancestors, weaving ancient tales and early histories into intricate tapestries within individual households and throughout the empire.


While the Empire of the Deathless Sun's rise to dominance over the Eulian Crescent remains shrouded in mystery, the Elves' commitment to their ancient lineage and contact with their oldest ancestors sets them apart. This connection, coupled with the reverence for the first emperor, fosters a belief that Elves are more likely than other races to receive answers from their ancestors when seeking guidance through prayer. Despite this, outside their own culture, older Elves are often perceived as close-minded artifacts of a bygone era when they held control over the Eulian Crescent. However, the younger generation strives to mend relationships with other kingdoms, demonstrating a commitment to cultural evolution and cooperation beyond the borders of their ancient influence.

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