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Iron Empire

Nestled among the imposing Crimson Mountain Range is the continent’s second-oldest kingdom, the Iron Empire. The first of many to be created through rebellion from the Empire of the Deathless Sun. Ironfolk are fierce, proud, and efficient people who will make great sacrifices to keep the cog of the great machine turning. They specialize in firearms, medicine, and intricate clockwork designs.



The Dwarven people, hailing from the rugged slopes and deep mines of the Crimson Mountains, played a pivotal role in the foundation and development of the Iron Empire. Initially, the Dwarves were integral to the Empire of the Deathless Sun, providing essential resources like iron and coal. However, their innate traits of ingenuity, critical thinking, and independence of spirit led them to aspire for autonomy, leading to a significant turning point in Mundus's history.


In their early history, Dwarves toiled in the harsh conditions of the Crimson Mountains, extracting vital resources for the Empire of the Deathless Sun, providing them with iron, coal and steel. However, the Dwarves were blessed from the beginning with ingenuity and critical thinking. With a focus on innovation, Dwarves at their heart are a community striving for technological advancements for their home and abroad.


Their hardworking nature and resilience in the face of adversity laid the foundation for the Dwarven identity. It was amidst the dirt and darkness of the mines that they developed unique ways to distinguish themselves and their talents empowered them to seek independence from the oppressive EDS. This act was the first in Mundus’s history to mark the lessening of control the EDS had on the continent.  


Every Dwarf has a unique facial tattoo, a mark of their people that holds immense cultural significance and the receiving of the facial tattoo is a rite of passage for the Dwarves. Originally, Dwarves in the Crimson Mines marked their faces with symbols, allowing them to identify each other in the intricate labyrinth of mine shafts and later in the chaos of battle. These tattoos became a representation of a Dwarf's chosen trade, reflecting their specialization and skills. As the Iron Empire expanded and their knowledge deepened, the practice of face markings evolved. Instead of hand drawn daily symbols, they transitioned to permanent tattoos which held significant meaning with citizens placing these tattoos on their arms or shoulders as a homage to the Dwarven roots of the kingdom.


Today, the tattoos correspond to a Dwarf’s chosen trade. At the age of eighteen, Dwarves, regardless of their kingdom or affiliation, receive a facial tattoo which represents their connection to their mountainous ancestry. This tradition serves as a visible reminder of their heritage and the values passed down through generations. The facial tattoos, once a practical solution to identification, have evolved into a symbol of unity among Dwarves, regardless of their kingdom or current residence, and Ironfolk alike. In the Iron Empire, where various races coexist, these tattoos serve as a powerful visual representation of shared heritage and values. The diverse population of the Iron Empire proudly wears these symbols, fostering a sense of unity among its citizens.


In essence, the Dwarven influence on the Iron Empire is not only visible in its technological advancements but also in the shared commitment to hard work, innovation, and the acknowledgment of the rich tapestry of cultural heritage which contributes to the empire's strength and resilience. 

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