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"Representatives from every kingdom boarded the boat headed for the South Lands..."

Kingdoms of the World


Everyone comes from somewhere, where will your story begin?

Art by KT Chapman

Empire of the Deathless Sun

At the heart of Mundus, The Empire of the Deathless Sun has endured centuries of war and strife. Though the Empire’s land has diminished through the centuries, the people’s pride has not. They believe that, though other kingdoms may seize power and land, they will never successfully imitate the history, status, and grandeur exemplified by the Empire of the Deathless Sun. The people of the EDS, Imperials, are known for their love of history, fashion, and community, and for their particular reverence for the ancestors.


Iron Empire

Nestled among the imposing Crimson Mountain Range is the continent’s second-oldest kingdom, the Iron Empire. The first of many to be created through rebellion from the Empire of the Deathless Sun. Ironfolk are fierce, proud, and efficient people who will make great sacrifices to keep the cog of the great machine turning. They specialize in firearms, medicine, and intricate clockwork designs.

Barren Federation

The Barren Lands, a harsh and unforgiving expanse in the North, is home to the resilient Barren Federation. Enduring freezing dust storms and toxic mercury rains, the Barreners have learned to navigate this inhospitable environment with resourcefulness and adaptability. Fueled by the abundance of silver and cinnabar, the Barren Federation thrives as a major exporter. Embracing a nomadic lifestyle, Barreners engage in an offering system, contributing selflessly to each other’s survival. The Barren Lands, with its unique culture and challenges, stands as a testament to the resilience and unity of its people.


Island Kingdoms

In the distant regions of the southeastern point of the continent, where the azure waves of the Boundless Ocean embrace the fractured shores, lies the enigmatic domain known as the Broken Peninsula. This archipelago, a constellation of landmasses scattered across the ocean like fragments of a shattered gem, holds a history as turbulent and mysterious as the winds and hurricanes that whip through its rugged cliffs and lush forests. The people of the Island Kingdoms are known for their indomitable spirit, forged in the crucible of rebellion and liberation. With a deep connection to the sea woven into the fabric of their culture, these resilient islanders navigate the treacherous waters of their past, preserving ancient traditions while embracing the winds of change that whisper through their vibrant and diverse realm.

United Clans of the Steppes

When it comes to the Steppelands, everything that can be harvested must be done so with great difficulty. From raising crops in semi-frozen ground to carving tunnels through cold stone in search of metals, the people are most known for their dedication to hard work. While the people can be seen as harsh or heartless, the sheer power of a single community sharing a common goal cannot be overstated, and no self-respecting Steppelander would be caught dead taking the easy way out of any job or challenge. They are known for the ability to hunt, their skill in crafting, and the ferocity with which they use their crafted weapons.


Western Republic

The Republic of the West comprises six autonomous city-states, each with their own personalities and resource specialties: Maranina (mare·uh·nee·nuh), Loronico (lor·oh·nik·oh), Viselia (vih·say·lee·uh), Guglielmo (gwuh·lee·leh·moh), Saboni (suh·bohn·ee), and Tierabino (teer·uh·been·oh). Each Western city-state has its own government and culture, but the people of the West unite over shared values of diplomacy, free trade, and independence. In many places, Westerners have a reputation for criminal activity and backstabbing, but they would argue that they simply put the needs of themselves and their people before anything else.


Nestled between the Empire of the Deathless Sun and the Iron Empire, the breadbasket of Eulia features an idyllic landscape with rolling green hills. Known as the Heartlands throughout most of Mundus’s history, the Freelands gained unexpected sovereignty when the nations of Mundus sought to end the bloody Goblin War in any way possible. Today, the Freelands is still a young nation, struggling to establish themselves with independence they never asked for. The people of the Freelands are mostly friendly, kind, hardworking folk, but the scars from the war run deep, both in the land itself and in the people’s hearts.

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